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Wire Saw

Wire Sawing

We use our wire saw to precisely and efficiently cut through tough surfaces, including concrete floors, walls, steel, and more. This saw quickly runs the diamond-embedded wire loop through pulleys, creating friction that grinds through the material. It is ideal for cutting through and removing large or thick sections of concrete that may be heavily reinforced.

Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing

We can cut horizontally or vertically through concrete walls, besser blocks, bricks, and heavy steel up to 750mm deep, creating openings for doorways, windows, plumbing, and more.

Depending on the concrete depth, scale of the job, accuracy, and accessibility needed, we may use a concrete ring saw, hand saw, or flush cutting saw.

Road Sawing Machine

Road Sawing

We can cut a variety of road surfaces and profiles, including bitumen, concrete, fibre crete, kerbs, and channels. Our powerful sawing equipment can efficiently cut through concrete and asphalt roads, bridges, driveways, carparks, and more.

Soft cut saw

Soft Cut Sawing

Soft cut sawing is mainly used for expansion cutting, which involves using equipment to cut lines through freshly poured concrete slabs for foundations, paths, and driveways. This reduces the likelihood of random cracks forming as the concrete shrinks and expands, creating a better quality finish.

Demo sawing machine

Demo Sawing

Concrete demolition sawing involves cutting up concrete structures for removal, including concrete slabs, walls, driveways, bricks, asphalt, and more. Our demo saw can come with a circular diamond blade with a continuous, segmented, or electroplated rim — depending on the materials you need cut.

Core driller

Core Drilling

Our concrete drilling equipment can be used to drill small or large holes in concrete floors, walls, and even steel. These holes may be required to install plumbing, drainage pipes, electrical wiring, ventilation systems, manholes, structural testing, and more.

Floor grinder

Floor Grinding

Concrete grinding involves using equipment that efficiently sands back the rough concrete surface (along with any glue, paint, and grout), ready for sealing and protective coatings.



We use a powerful diamond grit coated concrete chainsaw to cut into concrete slabs, walls, bricks, and more — reaching a maximum depth of 400mm. Concrete chainsawing is ideal for smaller openings (including doorways and windows), tight spaces, straight lines, and precise corners with no overcuts.

GPR Scanner

GPR Scanning

Our GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) equipment uses radio waves to map what’s inside or beneath your concrete, so you can get a better idea of what you’re dealing with before you cut into it. For example, you might find water mains, pipes, electrical cables, reinforcement bars, voids, structural steel, post-tension cables, and more. It can also give you a more precise measurement of slab thickness.

GPR scanning is a great way to minimise risk — and ensure you can stay on track with project timelines and budget.

Vacuum extraction trailer

Vacuum Extraction

Our portable vacuum extractor is ideal for extracting liquids, sludges, and small materials so you can clear out holes, valve boxes, footings, and more. With a tank capacity of 946.4L, truck capacity of 2417L, and powerful 3-stage filtration, we can handle a wide range of liquid extraction and industrial cleaning tasks.

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  • How much do your concrete cutting services cost?

    Concrete cutting services are typically charged on a sliding scale, with costs increasing depending on the size and depth of the cut, along with the type of material. On some jobs, we may quote an hourly rate for labour and equipment rather than basing our quote on the concrete depth or cut length. Extra costs may also apply, along with minimum charges per job, so please request a quote.

  • What extra costs may apply?

    Your custom quote will take into consideration any additional costs, like hourly travel fees, generator hire, water tank/pump hire, scaffold, and more. Overtime rates may also apply.

  • Do you have a minimum fee?

    Yes. Our minimum cost for jobs in Gladstone City is $250, and our minimum cost for jobs in Mt Larcom is $280.

  • What kind of equipment do you have?

    Our team has a range of concrete cutting, drilling, and grinding tools at our disposal, so we can use equipment with the precision needed for your job. We have advanced cutting technology that enables maximum control, accuracy, and safety. Plus, equipment that can produce cuts up to 500mm deep, and drill as far as 420mm below the surface.

  • Can you handle challenging sites/access?

    We’re equipped to work independently on all kinds of sites — even with challenging access requirements, no power, and no water supplies. If needed, we can bring in additional equipment, including our generator, water vac, hydraulic power pack, water tank and pump, electric power pack, scabbler, scaffold, jackhammer, and water drum.

  • How do you ensure safety onsite?

    We’ve developed rigorous safety procedures and invested in cutting edge equipment that reduces risk and maximises safety for our contractors and others onsite. Our respiratory protective equipment, vacuum attachments, and remote controlled devices help to keep everyone safe from exposure to dust and other hazards.

  • What areas can you service?

    QLD Cut & Core is based in Gladstone. We can travel to customers in the Gladstone region, including Tannum Sands, Calliope, Boyne Island, Mt Larcom, and Moura.